Molby Critic Jurgen Klopp


Molby Critic Jurgen Klopp

After Liverpool were held to a 1-1 draw against Everton at the weekend, Jan Molby admitted furious with Jurgen Klopp strategy in the Merseyside derby.

Where the 50-year-old coach was actually stoke the Brazilian duo Roberto Firmino and also Philippe Coutinho. So many parties including Molby were very disappointed with Jurgen’s decision.

Even the legend called Klopp too much and he felt after winning over Spartak Moscow in the Champions League, should the Reds can continue a positive trend.

“I think we have momentum after the Spartak game,” Jan Molby told the media. “Where everything is in good shape.”

“It should be the momentum to be encouraging in the derby to get three points.”

“I agree with some who feel frustrated because Liverpool made many changes. I think it’s excessive. ”

Liverpool also scored only glasses against West Brom in midweek, and they will travel to Bournemouth headquarters (17/12/2017).

Martin Keown Suggest Written Lukaku For a While

Martin Keown Suggest Written Lukaku For a While

Arsenal legend Martin Keown has advised Manchester United to temporarily back Romelu Lukaku from the main squad

Actually, from the side of Keown’s suggestion there is no point in belittling the Belgian player, it’s just that he thinks my Luke takes a little time to think and self-correct.

“It’s good that in the next few games, Lukaku take a break to be able to correct and be more calm,” said Keown.

“I know he is a great player, but let him ponder and think what he plans to do, I think it will work for him,” he continued.

Marcus Rashford: Our Struggle Is Still Long

Marcus Rashford: Our Struggle Is Still Long

According to one of Manchester United’s young players, Marcus Rashford, at this time the struggle of his team is still very far and long

Rashford a little discuss about the achievements and also the glory of the club, of course now they have a target to be back victorious like Red Devils known in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Our struggles and journeys are still very long and long, but here is something to keep in mind and remember,” Rashford told the media.

“We are still far back to win, but every trophy and the slightest achievement is an early sign of change, we must be able to appreciate every development that exists,” Rashford continued.

Maradona: Sampaoli Ever Asked Me To Train Sevilla

Maradona: Sampaoli Ever Asked Me To Train Sevilla

Diego Maradona recently made the confirmation that Jorge Sampaoli once called himself to be manager at Sevilla

The reason, Sampaoli itself is a manager of Seville in 2016-2017. However, he can not perform his duties after expectations until his contract expires and must become coach for the Argentina national team.

When wanting to leave Sevilla to coach Argentina, Maradona revealed if the manager called him and asked him to train Sevilla. But the offer was rejected by Maradona.

“Sampaoli called me to offer me a role while still in Sevilla,” Maradona told local media.

“It happened while he was in an event and I received his call. However, the problem is that there is a wrong person who feels himself bigger and more important than the other and I can not work with that person, “he said.

Meanwhile, Sevilla is not really a foreign club for Maradona. The reason, winner of the 1986 World Cup title has ever played for Sevilla season 1992-1993.

Mocked Fans MU, Mourinho No Problem

Mocked Fans MU, Mourinho No Problem

Jose Mourinho’s decision to replace Marcus Rashford with Anthony Martial in the second half of the game against Tottenham Hotspur got scorn from Manchester United fans (MU). Even so, Mourinho did not matter that.

Which decided Mourinho sweet fruit for MU. Because, Martial scored a single goal MU victory in a match that was held at Old Trafford on Saturday (28/10/2017) then.

“They pay for tickets, they can do what they want,” Mourinho told reporters about the action of Manchester fans as reported by Soccerway on Monday (30/10/2017).

According to him, fans are entitled to do as they please. “They can make players who do not deserve to be booed, they can make players who work like animals because the game is not in accordance with his expectations,” said Mourinho.

“They can scoff, they pay the tickets, they can do what they want, they can scoff at the manager, they can do what they want, no problem for me.”

Victory over Spurs make MU remain in second place Premier League standings with 23 points. The team is nicknamed the Red Devils are still behind five points from Manchester City.

Souness Please Klopp Bring Van Dijk

Souness Please Klopp Bring Van Dijk

Liverpool football legend Graeme Souness has asked Juergen Klopp in the January transfer window to bring Virgil Van Dijk from Southampton.

Previously, the Dutch national team retainer is indeed linked will soon anchored to Anfield where his presence is expected to strengthen the heart of the team’s defense.

But surprisingly the Reds apologized through his club’s official website regarding his interest in the defender, where management insists reluctantly bring it in the summer and sure enough ahead of the closing seconds Jurgen Klopp did not bring additional new ammunition on the back line.

However, unfortunately the old face of Liverpool’s ladder in the 2017-2018 competition really did look bad and up to ninth week of Merseyside side the top English Premier League team conceded the most 16 goals and had the most fragile defense.

In fact Klopp looked up guarded 4-1 defeat against Tottenham Hotspur last weekend where surprisingly Dejan Lovren should be pulled out in the 31st minute and after the game in his press conference the German man called his team defeat in the cause of poor performance Dejan where by making two mistakes time.

With that record in recent days Jurgen reportedly plans to overhaul his players especially in the defense sector which is considered the weakest and Lovren is rumored to be depak from the main squad after playing poorly and thus Souness who has given the League Cup trophy three times for Liverpool hope the coach brought Van Dijk in the near future.

“The coach must be fully able to bring Virgil Van Dijk,” Graeme Souness told the media.

“I admire him as a player and if he goes to Liverpool he can make a difference. Where one can make a difference in my opinion.

“As a coach when you can not get your main target, do you have to go and spend on second, third and fourth choice?

“For the fans I think they will hope his team can get Van Dijk at Christmas time or in the near future.”

At Francesco: Rome is on the right track

At Francesco: Rome is on the right track

Roma coach Eusebio Di Francesco praised Aleksandar Kolarov after a 1-0 win over Torino on Sunday night

The former Manchester City scored the only goal of the game from a free kick midway through the second half to donate 3 points to Roma.

“We have managed to win in a difficult place. Difficult to play on that field. We were a bit sloppy at the last minute, but we managed to keep controlling the game and win over Torino. ”

The name on the player list changes, but the style of the game is the same.

“We have two midfielders who can not play today, so Hector Moreno made his debut and played very well. His appearance is proof that hard work will always pay off. He is a talented young player with great technical skills, and he plays very hard. ”

Do you feel disadvantaged by having to repeat the game against Sampdoria?

“I feel harmed. You have to think again about this match and it is not useful at all. It’s better to focus ahead. I want to make sure all the players are involved and can be an important part of the team. ”

Are we allowed to talk about the Scudetto?

“After losing to Napoli, many people thought we had come down from the fight. Unfortunately, nothing is certain in Italy, and here’s what I always say: we need to work hard to improve and expand our skills. From the results of the future, it will be seen that we deserve to win the Scudetto or not. For now, I enjoy the constant growth of this team. ”

Victory on the away began to become a common feature of this team. What do you think?

“I love the game today, although our final bait and execution could have been sharper. Edin Dzeko was feeling unwell all week but insisted on playing. Federico Fazio rested because of his ankle problems. With things like that, everyone is working hard to be a starter. This is a good thing. ”

Do you think that Aleksandar Kolarov has played well?

“Not enough, he can do more! He has fantastic technical skills, but the thing I like best about Aleksandar is his mentality. “

President of Barcelona: All the Football Awards Worthy of Messi

President of Barcelona: All the Football Awards Worthy of Messi

Celestial praise was leveled by FC Barcelona President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, for the special performances of Lionel Messi.

The boss’s praise refers to Messi’s action while helping Barca win 3-1 against Olympiakos in the third week of the Champions League group phase 2017-2018 on Wednesday (18/10/2017).

The 30-year-old attacker contributed a goal scored through a free kick.

Olympiakos goal to make the goal collection of the superstar on the European stage to touch the number 100.

Of these achievements, Bartomeu felt no one player can surpass the greatness of Messi.

“I will give all the awards in football for him, no one rivals him,” said the 54-year-old was quoted as saying by FourFourTwo.

Furthermore, Bartomeu also judge Messi did not show a decline despite being aged three (30 years).

“He created an era and remained at the highest level,” Bartomeu said.

The sharpness of Messi will be re-tested when the Blaugrana met Malaga in the Spanish League continued on Saturday (21/10/2017).

Pep Guardiola calls on fans to support Napoli

Pep Guardiola calls on fans to support Napoli

Manchester City will face one of their toughest rivals this season against Napoli in the Champions League.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has asked the City fans to support his side’s victory as they face Napoli in the Champions League.

Guardiola believes it can make a difference for his team on Wednesday morning.

After a fantastic 7-2 win against Stoke on Saturday, City must prepare themselves to fight Napoli in Group F.

“I’m certainly very happy because our fans enjoy the game,” Guardiola said after City slaughtered Stoke.

“Hopefully, in the game against one of the best teams in Europe (Napoli), we can accept and feel their support because in the Champions League we desperately need it.”

“If we can win, we are almost expected to qualify for the knockout stages.”

“The great thing that Napoli and City have is that we play the same way. I urge all of us to come to the game because we will see a stunning game – two teams with the same idea: high pressure, grabbing the ball, dynamic short passing forward. ”

“I’m sure it will be a great game and I am very happy to face one of the most admired coaches and we will try to win the game.”

Predicted: Manchester United Will Apply Defensive Tactics against Liverpool

Predicted: Manchester United Will Apply Defensive Tactics against Liverpool

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish expects Jose Mourinho to apply defensive style when Manchester United visit Anfield on Saturday (14/10/2017)

Manchester United appear prolific in the Premier League this season, they created 21 goals from seven games. Currently, the Red Devils lost only one goal difference from Manchester City who leads the standings.

However, Dalgish believes United will return to their more conservative style against the attacking Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp. Mourinho is likely to repeat last season’s strategy when the game ended in a goalless draw at Merseyside.

“Three years ago Jose took Chelsea to do their (enduring) duty and they did very well. So I do not blame him because Liverpool failed champion. He is very professional, neat and you can not criticize him (because of his survival), “Dalgish told (12/10).

“He returned to Anfield with Manchester United last year with a similar philosophy. There is no rule that says you can not play defensive and they almost won when Zlatan Ibrahimovic got a chance. ”

Manchester United’s first heavy opponent

Manchester United did a good start in the first seven Premier League matches this season. But the away game to Anfield will be a real test of course considering the Red Devils have not met a heavy opponent before. For that reason, Dalglish suspects Mouriho will not risk attacking.

“And when he came back for this match, I’m sure he’ll be careful because this is United’s first game against one of the top six clubs.”

“In relation to other Premier League teams, this will probably determine who will lift the trophy in May.”

“Mourinho has the ability to know how to win the game and if he thinks the best chance is to close the meeting (hold) he is entitled to do that. But for us, Jurgen Klopp will be a complete opponent for him, ”

Liverpool appear less convincing before the international break, they only got one victory from the last five games – the last two games draw against Spartak Moscow and Newcastle United. (Source: